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See what real applicants are saying about VerifyPass

“I like not having to login. I have enough accounts and password so just being able to get verified without having another account was appreciated.”

Kacey Jones

Registered Nurse

“Simple verification, no sweat.”

David Kivo

Marine Corps Veteran

“Verifying my identity was easier than expected. Straightforward, quick, and painless.”

Natalie Dignacco

Elementary School Teacher

“I was surprised by how easy it was to verify my identity without sharing sensitive information like my SSN. It was quick, secure, and I felt confident about the process.”

Mark Frasier

Police Officer

“Providing my ID used to be a hassle. Endless forms and hoops to jump through. VerifyPass streamlined the process with their secure ID verification.”

Christian Resnick

University Employee

“Verified quickly and got my discount! Thanks! 🤑”

Amanda Doucette


“My daughter loves all the student perks she gets now. Discounts on everything from clothes to concerts - she's in heaven!”

Marcy Truitt


“Verified & got my senior discount. It's very user-friendly, even a tech-challenged like me can figure it out.”

Thomas Oelerich

Retired Engineer

“Love the transparency of VerifyPass data policies. I know exactly what info is used and it's never shared with anyone I don't want it to be.”

Kendra Walker

University Student

“VerifyPass saved me so much time! Quick verification and I'm good to go. Makes applying for deals way easier.”

Susie Hockemeyer


“Super impressed with VerifyPass. Secure & hassle-free way to prove my veteran status and snag a discount.”

Joshua Welcker

Army Veteran

“VerifyPass gives me the peace of mind to know I'm dealing with a real institute, not just uploading my ID to somewhere it could be stolen.”

Anthony Erickson

Army Veteran

“Finally a verification service that gets it. Military discounts shouldn't be a hassle. VerifyPass makes it smooth & efficient. Thank you for honoring our service!”

Matt Brown

U.S. Air Force

“VerifyPass made it easy to get the discount. Securely verified my identity and voila, I'm done.”

Rebecca Kurtz

Healthcare Worker

“You surprised me with how simple it was! I verified my student status once, no more digging out my ID every time.”

Inês Ochoa

University Student

“Not a fan of identity theft worries. VerifyPass put my mind at ease, proving my identity online feels safe.”

Troy Callahan

Custom Community

“You are a game-changer for teachers! Discounts on everything from classroom supplies to software. My budget loves it, and my students benefit too.”

Michelle Gibson

High School Teacher