Business Pricing

  Price/mo. Verifications/mo.
Tier 1 $19.99 30
Tier 2 $49.99 100
Tier 3 $99.99 250
Tier 4 $199.99 1,000
Each Additional 1,000 +$199.99 -

*Credit card required to begin 14-day free trial. Tier adjusts automatically based on volume.

Usage Tiers

Starts at Tier 1

The entry point for VerifyPass is $19.99. All businesses receive full features, paying only for what you use—across any combination of verifications for any group(s). When you exceed your current tier, you move up to the next tier.

Only positive verifications are billable

Occasionally, a non-eligible customer may begin verification only to realize he won't be able to bypass verification. These won't count towards your usage.

Automatic Tier Adjustment

If your verification volume exceeds your current tier limit, we'll elevate your tier in order to continue service. If your usage drops into a lower tier, we'll automatically downgrade your pricing as well.


14 Day Trial

VerifyPass's business trial is 14 days. This is an excellent evaluation period to gauge whether your demographic responds positively to your exclusive offers.

Reaching 30+ verifications within the first 14 days will end the free trial and your card will be billed at the respective tier. If payment fails, service will be interrupted. Usually this means your business won't stay in Tier 1, but your card won't be billed again until the following month.

Billing Cycle

VerifyPass's billing cycle is monthly. If you subscribe on the 3rd day of the month, your card will be billed on the 3rd day of every month until payment fails or the subscription is cancelled. Scheduled payments on bank holidays will be deferred until the following day.

No Long-Term Contract

Pay as you go. Cancel anytime.


We hope you love VerifyPass, but if it's not a match for your business—cancellation is painless.

Cancellation requires 2 clicks from within your Business Account.

Note: Businesses who have accumulated more than 250 verifications in the past 30 days must settle their bill prior to cancellation.