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Settings are particular to your account, such as your business title and logo.


Business Title

This should be the core title of your business or brand. We recommend not using legal suffixes, such as LLC or Inc., to maintain a cleaner appearance.

Business Domain

This is the core domain of your company or parent company. For most businesses, this is simple. However, there are a few circumstances which require elaboration:

  • Event/Admissions/Ticketing: if your company acts as a seller for a variety of business, such as an e-ticketing company, you should use your parent company brand. For example, if your business Cool Tickets provides ticket sales for events for different brands, Applicants will still be purchasing from Cool Tickets and therefore will complete verification through your brand. It is not possible to change/modify domains by widget.
  • Mobile Apps: even if your widgets won't be installed to the web, you must still have a domain. This is true even if your app is named Cool Health App but is owned by JDM Holdings. The business domain should still be that of JDM Holdings.
Business Industry

This should be the primary industry of your business. If there isn't one which is a perfect match, that's ok! You should select the one closest to yours, or if nothing comes close, simply select Other. This data is used primarily for internal reporting and displaying businesses publicly on our website.

Account E-Mail and Manager

Account E-Mail is the e-mail used to manage your VerifyPass account. Additionally, it serves as the point of contact we will use in the event we need to contact you about your account. Such occasions are not common, but for example if you run out of discount codes, we'll send our automated notification to this address.


Logos appear at the top of your widgets, as well as when Applicants view your business at Adding a logo is optional. When a logo is not present, VerifyPass will default to showing a text version of your Business Title. Logos are required in order to appear on our website in category pages.


Resets the password for your account. Note that businesses who enrolled in VerifyPass directly via Shopify or BigCommerce, without first creating an account on our website, will not have a password set by default.


Your API Key is used to connect with 3rd party services and access the VerifyPass API.