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This documentation will help you get up and running. Note that for some options, such as custom HTML, a developer is required. VerifyPass is not able to provide direct coding services, but we do provide many different snippets to help get you started.

Shopify Auto-Create

Page Template Requires Shopify Connection

Using the Create button will generate a standard Page Template to your Shopify store. The page title will match your Widget title. This method includes eligibility details and instructions based on how you've setup your Widget. This page is fully editable as a regular Shopify page. For more details, please refer to the Page Template section below.


These options will work on any website, with few exceptions (such as Wix or Squarespace, which do not permit editing HTML directly).

Page Template

The provided HTML is an easy and attractive installation option. The provided HTML will yield a page complete with a welcome message, button, eligiblity details, and instructions.

There are many website hosting platforms, but the instructions are generally similar for each of them:

  1. Create a new, blank page on your website. Your website provide will have a way to create a new page; think as if you were creating an About Us page.
  2. Edit the page content as HTML. Within rich text editors, this is typically done with a button that looks like < >.
  3. Paste the code snippet provided. After, you can view the page, and can make any edits as necessary.
Button (Styled)

This button contains style which matches that of VerifyPass. Including the VerifyPass style complements the transition to verification, but you may also create a button to match your theme by starting with a plain button, and adding CSS classes as necessary.

Button (Plain)

This is the most basic HTML button, which contains absolutely no style. It is unlikely you would use this button as provided, but this snippet will give you a baseline to add your custom classes, if you'd like to style your button to match your other buttons.

Text Link

This is a basic text link: for example, for opening verification within a snippet of text. This is sometimes used in areas where a small block of text is preferred, such as an e-commerce cart page or checkout.


This is an example of how you can trigger verification through an image. Perhaps you'd like to design a custom graphic, saying something like "Click here to get verified". The example uses the VerifyPass logo for the default image, but this can be easily changed within the src of the snippet.

No-Code / Direct Links

These are the fastest installation options. Simply copy a link to your hosted page on, or copy a link directly to verification.

Hosted Page

Every business who uses VerifyPass receives a hosted page on our primary website, which contains all publicly available verification widgets. This is a link to your hosted page.


This is a link to you widget, where Applicants can complete verification.