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U.K. Resident Verification

All U.K. Residents with government-issued ID

Category: Residence

How we verify

U.K. Residents are verified using a combination of digital data, including public and private resources, documents, and e-mail verification.

By Document

  • Driver's License
  • Utility Bill
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Other Government ID

By E-Mail

There are no unique e-mail domains or domain groups associated with U.K. Residents.

Returning Applicants

U.K. Residents who have previously verified are not required to re-verify for 3 years.


U.K. Resident verification is available to all businesses using VerifyPass.


Businesses verifying U.K. Residents often verify others from the Residence communities.

What happens after verification?

VerifyPass provides tools to accommodate a variety of use-cases.

Release a Discount

Choose from a Single Code or Unique Codes, uploaded directly to your verification Widget.

Tag an Account

Unlock benefits by tagging Applicant accounts after verification, taking full control of their experience.


Sync your verification via a Webhook, and we'll show a custom message to the Applicant. You take it from there.

In today's digital era, the verification of identities has become a paramount concern for businesses across the UK. As online transactions continue to rise, so do the risks associated with identity fraud and impersonation. Herein lies the significance of robust UK Resident verification measures — a secure, efficient way to ensure an individual is indeed who they claim to be. VerifyPass emerges as a beacon of reliability in this landscape, offering an indispensable service that integrates seamlessly with business websites to authenticate the identities of UK residents holding government-issued IDs.

The landscape of identity verification spans a wide array of scenarios and use-cases, each with its distinct sets of challenges and requirements. By dissecting these into specific industry and use-case brackets, the utility and versatility of VerifyPass's verification service become palpably evident.

Financial Services

The financial sector undoubtedly stands at the forefront of the need for stringent identity verification protocols. Banks, insurance companies, and fintech startups are increasingly susceptible to the threats of financial fraud and money laundering. Utilizing VerifyPass, these institutions can authenticate the identities of new and existing customers in real-time during account openings, loan applications, and insurance claims. This not only enhances security but also streamlines the customer onboarding process, aligning with global regulatory frameworks like KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) requirements.


Within the healthcare industry, patient identity verification is crucial. Misidentification can lead to serious medical errors and privacy breaches. Hospitals, private clinics, and online health services can leverage VerifyPass to ensure that patient records are accurately matched to the right individuals, thereby safeguarding patient confidentiality and improving healthcare delivery by minimizing errors in patient identification.

Online Retail

The surge in e-commerce has been paralleled by an increase in online fraud. Retailers, ranging from massive e-commerce platforms to bespoke online boutiques, face the challenge of verifying customer age for age-restricted purchases, preventing fraudulent transactions, and mitigating chargeback fraud. VerifyPass offers a solution to these challenges by providing a means to quickly verify the identity and age of customers, facilitating a safer shopping experience for both the retailer and the consumers.


Telecommunications companies often require identity verification for contract sign-ups, SIM purchases, or to lock and unlock devices. VerifyPass aids these companies in verifying the identities of their customers efficiently, serving as a deterrent against the use of stolen identities or the acquisition of multiple contracts under false pretenses.

Employment and Recruitment

VerifyPass plays a critical role in the employment and recruitment sector by enabling companies to verify the identity of potential employees. This is especially important in meeting compliance with Right to Work legislation, thereby preventing illegal employment. It also assures employers of the authenticity of the documents provided by applicants during the hiring process.

Gaming and Betting

The gaming and betting industry is another sector where identity verification is not just a regulatory requirement but also a safeguard against underage gambling and fraud. VerifyPass facilitates compliant age verification and identity checks, ensuring that players are of legal age and that their accounts are secure.

The manifold scenarios and use-cases elucidated above underscore the indispensability of VerifyPass's identity verification service to a diverse array of industries. By offering a service that integrates with their website, businesses can not only fortify their security measures against fraud but also enhance the overall user experience, ensuring compliance with legal and regulatory standards. In the evolving landscape of digital transactions, the role of effective identity verification remains undiminished, serving as the bulwark against the ever-present risks of identity theft and fraud. Businesses across the UK, regardless of their industry or size, find in VerifyPass a trusted partner in their quest for secure, reliable, and efficient identity verification solutions.