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Webhooks allow you to sync your verification data (name, e-mail, community, time verified, discount code, widget key) to your system in real-time. A single global Webhook may be applied at the Account level within Account → Integrations → Webhook, or you may configure a Widget-level webhook with the Advanced tab of your Widget's configuration.

If you intend to operate both a global webhook and a Widget-level webhook, note the webhook will not be sent multiple times if the event the URLs are identical. You may, however use URL parameters for VerifyPass to treat the URLs as separate, and send multiple webhooks.


Every Webhook will contain the header X-VFYPS-Key: {your-api-key}. It is important to verify your API Key in each request, or you could be exposed to malicious actors injecting data into your system.


The Webhook is sent as a POST request and will contain a single JSON object:

  "data": [
      "first_name": "Test",
      "last_name": "User",
      "email": "",
      "discount_code": "this-field-exists-when-applicable",
      "time": "2024-06-22 05:50:05"
      "group_short": "mil",
      "group": "Military",
      "widget_key": "your-widget-key"


We provide a Webhook Tester to assist with getting your Webhook running. You must be logged into your account to access the Webhook Tester.

The Webhook Tester is also available from the Webhook Integration within your Account.