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Peace Corps Verification

Members of the Peace Corps

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How we verify

Peace Corps Members are verified using a combination of digital data, including public and private resources, documents, and e-mail verification.

By Document

  • Certificate of Service
  • Description of Service (DOS)

By E-Mail

There are no unique e-mail domains or domain groups associated with Peace Corps Members.

Returning Applicants

Peace Corps Members who have previously verified are not required to re-verify their status.


Peace Corps verification is available to all businesses using VerifyPass.


Businesses verifying Peace Corps Members often verify others from the Other communities.

What happens after verification?

VerifyPass provides tools to accommodate a variety of use-cases.

Release a Discount

Choose from a Single Code or Unique Codes, uploaded directly to your verification Widget.

Tag an Account

Unlock benefits by tagging Applicant accounts after verification, taking full control of their experience.


Sync your verification via a Webhook, and we'll show a custom message to the Applicant. You take it from there.

In today's digital age, verifying identity has become a critical concern for businesses across various sectors. One group of individuals that holds a unique position in this landscape is Peace Corps members. Their experiences, often marked by service and sacrifice, entitle them to a range of exclusive benefits and opportunities. This is where VerifyPass steps in, offering robust verification services tailored specifically for Peace Corps members, ensuring that these deserving individuals can seamlessly access the benefits and recognition they've earned. Through comprehensive verification, companies can unlock a plethora of use cases, enhancing their offerings and fostering a deeper connection with this distinguished community.

Retail and E-commerce

One of the most direct applications of Peace Corps verification is in the retail and e-commerce industry. Businesses can offer exclusive discounts or special shopping events as a token of appreciation for the service Peace Corps members have provided. This not only enhances customer loyalty but also positions the brand as socially responsible, appealing to a broader consumer base that values ethical business practices. From outdoor and fitness equipment suppliers catering to the adventurous spirits of Peace Corps volunteers, to educational and bookstores supporting their continuous quest for knowledge, the scope is vast and varied.

Education and Professional Development

Institutions offering educational services and professional development programs can greatly benefit from integrating Peace Corps verification. By recognizing the unique skill set and experiences of Peace Corps members, these institutions can offer tailored scholarships, course credits, or admission policies. This fosters an inclusive environment that values diverse experiences, thereby enhancing the educational landscape and providing Peace Corps members with opportunities to further their education and career prospects post-service.

Financial Services

Financial institutions can also utilize Peace Corps verification to offer specialized products and services aimed at this group. From bespoke banking and loan products that acknowledge the often-complicated financial situations faced by volunteers upon their return, to credit cards with rewards that cater to their travel-heavy lifestyles, the financial sector can provide significant value. Moreover, insurance companies can design packages that account for the unique needs and challenges encountered during and after service in the Peace Corps, providing peace of mind to members as they transition back into civilian life.

Healthcare and Wellness

The healthcare and wellness industry can tailor special offerings to Peace Corps members, acknowledging both the physical and psychological demands of their service. From mental health services specialized in addressing the unique stressors and experiences of volunteers, to health and wellness programs that cater to their specific needs upon return, this sector can play a crucial role in supporting the holistic well-being of Peace Corps members. This kind of support not only recognizes the sacrifices made by these members but also helps in their reintegration and adjustment process post-service.

Travel and Hospitality

The travel and hospitality industry stands to greatly benefit from verifying Peace Corps membership. Airlines, hotels, and tour operators can offer special rates and packages for members, acknowledging their extensive travel experience and encouraging future explorations. Such gestures not only enhance brand loyalty among a well-traveled and globally minded demographic but also promote cultural exchange and understanding through the continued exploration and learning that defines the Peace Corps experience.

Government Services and Initiatives

Government entities can leverage Peace Corps verification to streamline access to federal programs designed to support volunteers during and after their service. This includes expedited processing for certain benefits, recognition programs, and even considerations for public service careers. By simplifying the verification process, government services can more efficiently and effectively support those who have dedicated years of their lives to serving others under the Peace Corps umbrella.

VerifyPass’s Peace Corps verification service stands as a testament to the potential unlocked when businesses and institutions recognize and honor the unique contributions of Peace Corps members. By facilitating exclusive access to services, benefits, and opportunities, VerifyPass not only aids in the practical aspects of reintegration and reward but also highlights the significant societal value Peace Corps volunteers bring. As businesses across various industries continue to explore and integrate these verification services, the possibilities for both Peace Corps members and the companies themselves are boundless, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that honors service and promotes continued growth and development.