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VerifyPass is a community verification service. This documentation covers the details of from setup, configuration, installation and utilization in your workflow.

Activity & Insights

Activity is a granular reporting system for your verification history, while Insights contains a high-level view of your Applicant profiles and verification history. Activity allows you to customize and export reports, tailored to filters you determine.


Communities are verifiable properties of a person. Communities are verified by a combination of unique authoritative data sources, documents and/or e-mail.


Widgets are customizable verification workflows; a combination of both a configuration and a front-facing component to initiate verification.


Integrations connect your VerifyPass account with third-party services. Integrations provide a variety of functionality, including generating discount codes, tagging Applicant accounts or syncing data.


The API allows developers to take deeper control over the VerifyPass experience. Pre-fill Applicant data, require tokens for verification, or integrate custom reports into your application.