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Applicant Pre-Fill

Widgets may be pre-filled with Applicant data via URL parameters. This approach is only recommended as a matter of convenience to the Applicant. If more security is needed, such as disallowing Applicants from modifying their e-mail, an Applicant Token is recommended.


All parameters are optional. You may include some, or none of the below parameters in your Widget URL.

Parameter Value Description
first_name John Prefills first_name field
last_name Smith Prefills last_name field
dob 1990-01-01 Prefills dob field
email Prefills email field
lock_email true or false When true, prevents Applicant from editing e-mail

Example URL{widget-key}?


This parameter will only apply when set to true and email is a valid format. If VerifyPass receives an invalid e-mail, the field will fail to lock. Reminder: Applicant Pre-Fill does not prevent a savvy Applicant from removing the lock by URL.