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Connecting your VerifyPass account to your BigCommerce store enables multiple benefits. First, you may access your VerifyPass account by simply opening the VerifyPass app within BigCommerce. You may continue to login via our website as well.

The primary benefit of connecting your BigCommerce account is enabled within your widgets.

After connecting your store, you will add Discount Code: Unique (stores/key) to your Widget's available Post-Verification Actions. This action is covered in detail here.

Connecting to BigCommerce

After logging into your account, please visit Integrations → BigCommerce. You will be directed to copy/paste your BigCommerce Store ID. This is the unique portion of your BigCommerce store URL between store- and It will usually be random letters and/or numbers.

After entering your Store ID, you will be directed to the BigCommerce App Marketplace to install the VerifyPass app. Upon installing the app, you will be returned to your account.

1-Store Limit

Only 1 BigCommerce connection is permitted per VerifyPass account. This means that if you intend to operate VerifyPass on multiple BigCommerce stores, you will need to install the app separately (and create multiple subscriptions) for each store.