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Student Verification

University Students

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How we verify

Students are verified using a combination of digital data, including public and private resources, documents, and e-mail verification.

By Document

  • Student ID
  • Class Schedule
  • Letter of Enrollment

By E-Mail

There are 4 e-mail domains or domain groups associated with this Community. For example, an Applicant may verify using

Returning Applicants

Students who have previously verified are not required to re-verify for 1 year.


Student verification is available to all businesses using VerifyPass.


Businesses verifying Students often verify others from the Discounts communities.

What happens after verification?

VerifyPass provides tools to accommodate a variety of use-cases.

Release a Discount

Choose from a Single Code or Unique Codes, uploaded directly to your verification Widget.

Tag an Account

Unlock benefits by tagging Applicant accounts after verification, taking full control of their experience.


Sync your verification via a Webhook, and we'll show a custom message to the Applicant. You take it from there.

In the digital age, verifying the identity of individuals has become a paramount concern for businesses across a myriad of industries. Among the various demographics requiring verification, university students represent a unique and significant group. VerifyPass emerges as a pivotal solution catered specifically towards the authentication of student identities, offering businesses an indispensable tool for integrating sophisticated verification services directly into their websites. The versatility of student verification services stretches across several sectors and use cases, providing not only security but also unlocking exclusive benefits and opportunities tailored for the student population.

Educational Software and E-Learning Platforms

Digital learning tools and platforms have revolutionized the educational landscape, offering personalized learning experiences that extend beyond traditional classrooms. However, the challenge of ensuring that these resources are accessed exclusively by genuine students looms large for educators and software providers. VerifyPass serves as the guardian of academic integrity by verifying student status, thus safeguarding educational resources, ensuring only eligible users gain access to academic pricing, and protecting intellectual property.

Retail and E-commerce Discounts

Retailers and e-commerce platforms frequently extend special offers and discounts to students as a means to boost brand loyalty and attract a younger demographic. However, without a reliable verification process, businesses risk financial loss and potential abuse of such discounts. VerifyPass acts as a bridge between students and businesses, ensuring that promotions are awarded exclusively to verified students, thereby enhancing customer satisfaction while protecting profit margins.

Financial Services and Banking

Banks and financial institutions often offer tailored products such as student loans, credit cards, and bank accounts with appealing benefits for students. The integrity of these offerings depends heavily on the ability to accurately identify and verify student status. By incorporating VerifyPass into their processes, financial entities can streamline the application process, reduce fraud, and build trust with the student demographic, further nurturing financial literacy and responsibility from an early age.

Public Transportation and Travel Discounts

Transportation companies and travel agencies provide discounted fares to students as an incentive for leisure and educational travel. However, the manual verification of student status can be cumbersome and error-prone. VerifyPass automates and simplifies this process, allowing for seamless validation of student eligibility for discounts, hence encouraging travel and exploration among the student population while ensuring revenue protection for service providers.

Software Licensing

Software companies often offer educational licenses at reduced rates to support learning and development among students. The challenge lies in efficiently verifying student status without impeding the user experience. VerifyPass addresses this issue by offering a seamless verification solution that ensures only qualified students benefit from discounted licensing, thereby fostering an environment conducive to learning and innovation.

Event Access and Memberships

Events, conferences, and memberships often offer special rates or exclusive access to students. However, the lack of a robust verification system can lead to unauthorized access and revenue loss. VerifyPass enables event organizers and membership sites to verify student status effectively, ensuring that benefits are reserved for genuine students and enhancing the value of offerings for this key demographic.

The demand for reliable student verification transcends traditional boundaries, affecting a broad spectrum of industries from technology to travel, banking to retail. VerifyPass stands at the forefront of this demand, offering a nuanced, efficient, and secure solution for businesses seeking to engage with the student market authentically. In deploying a specialized service such as VerifyPass, businesses not only streamline their operations but also deepen their connection with the student community, fostering loyalty and trust that resonate well beyond the academic years. The versatility and robustness of VerifyPass make it an invaluable asset for any business looking to navigate the complexities of student verification, ensuring that only eligible individuals benefit from the opportunities and discounts specifically designed for them.