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We protect your data

Through bank-grade security and minimum-retention strategies

1. We keep only what we need.

VerifyPass retains your name and e-mail, and verified status.

2. We delete all other data.

Data used for verification, such as documents, is deleted.

3. We sell nothing to 3rd parties.

There is no price high enough to risk losing your trust.

How does VerifyPass keep my data safe?

Ok, so you verified—and now you want to know what happens to your data.

I uploaded a document. What happened to it?

When you upload a document to VerifyPass, the document is encrypted and uploaded to our private file network. This network can only be accessed by VerifyPass servers.

How long do you keep my document?

Your document rests in an encrypted state within our file network until it is reviewed by VerifyPass. Typically, this happens within a few minutes. After your application is reviewed, your document is permanently deleted.

Who reviews the document?

Documents are reviewed by a team member at VerifyPass. All team members are US-based. We don't allow employees/contractors of any type outside the US to access your data, during the short time it rests on our encrypted file network.

Do you retain data from the document?

We retain nothing from your document, except whether it was approved or declined. This way, we can best protect your security by retaining as little information about you as possible, while ensuring you can access VerifyPass quickly and easily when needed.

Okay, but surely you monetize data in some way?

Absolutely not. Our only revenue is from businesses who pay us to integrate our verification products.

How can I delete my data?

We make it easy to delete your data by visiting Manage Data within My Verifications. Due to anti-fraud requirements, you must wait 30 days from your most recent verification to delete your data.