Data Protection

Here's a bird's eye view on what data VerifyPass collects, and how we protect it. If you prefer our full Terms & Conditions, we have that too.

Do you sell or share data?

No. While some tech companies engage in this practice, VerifyPass does not. The only form of revenue we collect is paid by the "Merchant" (business you’re shopping with), in exchange for VerifyPass confirming your eligibility for their exclusive discount. We have never, nor will we ever, sell or release your data.

After verification, here's the data we provide to the Merchant:

  • Name/e-mail
  • Discount code (if applicable)
  • Group you're verified as
  • Time you received your discount

What data do you retain?

As little as possible. Each verification process is different, so we make it simple: after verification, any data we collected in order to perform the initial verification is deleted. We delete your data because: 1. VerifyPass is not a data company, and 2. we don't want to expose you to unnecessary risk.

Here's the data we must retain, so you don't have to re-verify:

  • Name/e-mail
  • Encrypted password (if applicable)
  • Verified status (true/false)
  • Time your account was created

What security measures are taken?

1. Technical Standards

Over 1,200 businesses trust VerifyPass to serve their exclusive discounts. VerifyPass regularly undergoes rigorous legal and technical security audits to ensure the protection of its members—our system is monitored and audited daily.

2. Data Minimization

"If you have nothing to steal, nothing can be stolen."

3. Our Background

VerifyPass is owned and operated in Orange County, California. Most team members are either honorably discharged Veterans, or closely affiliated with them, such as a spouse. We do not employ foreign staff members.

4. Account Deletion

Although any data used for verification is deleted after verification, VerifyPass provides all users the ability to delete their account. You may delete your account under your Account Settings. This will remove your name, e-mail and any verified statuses from VerifyPass.

The Bottom Line


As many team members are Veterans ourselves, we ask the same question you would—how would we want our data handled? Our answer is to store the least data possible, while ensuring you never have to re-verify.

Thanks for being a member! - VerifyPass Team