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Communities are affiliations a person has with a particular group. For example, a Registered Nurse living in Texas would be able to verify as Healthcare Worker, Resident of Texas, and U.S. Citizen among others.

How are Communities verified?

Communities are verified with authoritative data sources, including over 23,000 digital resources. Additionally, VerifyPass employees a variety of techniques including documentation & e-mail verification, depending on the Community.

Standard Communities

Standard Communities are available to all businesses using VerifyPass. Currently, VerifyPass supports verification for 89 Standard Communities, ranging from Military and First Responders, to state residency and many more.

Most businesses will not utilize the same Communities, except e-commerce retailers where certain Communities are popular for discounts.

Custom Communities

A Custom Community is a Community which is specific to a certain business. No other business can see it or use it.

Creating a Custom Community

If your business has a need for a Custom Community, it's possible another business does as well. VerifyPass will always attempt to create your Community as a Standard Community, which does not incur any additional setup cost. This means all businesses can view and integrate your Community into a Widget.

Sometimes a request is simply too specific to be usable by another business. In this case, VerifyPass will create a Custom Community for you, which requires a $299 setup fee applied as a credit towards your bill. There is no additional monthly fee for ongoing usage of a Custom Community.

You can request a Custom Community by contacting We'll follow up with any questions and next steps. After a Custom Community is created, it will appear within Widget → Eligibility → Custom.

What makes a Community verifiable or not?

Verifiable Communities are groups of people who possess either 1) a physical document of proof or 2) possession of an eligible e-mail, certifying an affiliation to a certain status.

For example, if a business would like to verify employees of Kaiser Permanente, this is a verifiable Community because all employees of Kaiser Permanente possess either a e-mail or a pay stub proving their employment.

Non-verifiable Communities are ones which cannot be proven within reason.

For example, if a business asks VerifyPass to verify Mountain Bikers, this is not verifiable, as VerifyPass cannot accept photos of a person biking as reasonable proof. Instead, we could suggest creating an Community such as Bicycle Purchaser, where an Applicant verifies their Community by uploading a copy of their bicycle receipt and government ID.

Have questions about who we can verify? Let us know at, and we'll be happy to chat.