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Pre-Verification is how Widgets work prior to Post-Verification. If you're new to Widgets, we recommend reading Getting Started.

Display Message

Display Message appears on both your hosted listing, as well as included in certain Installation methods. Your Display Message should give the Applicant a short description of what happens after verification.


  • Business offering exclusive discount: "Thanks for your service! Use this code to receive a 10% discount on your order."
  • Business tagging customer accounts for reduced pricing: "After verification, your account will automatically receive reduced pricing."
  • Business reducing fraud on high-value orders: "Please verify your community in order to complete your order."

Of course, these are just examples, and will vary if you are using VerifyPass in a more custom way. Try to be specific about what an Applicant should expect after verificaiton.

Eligible Communities

These are the Communities which can complete verification within your Widget.

When only 1 Community is added, it will be treated as the default. Applicants will not see the name of the Community.

When 2+ Communities are added, Applicants will select the Community from a list within your Widget. This would be standard where a discount/benefit is offered to multiple Communities; i.e. offering a discount to Military, First Responder and others from the Discounts group. This is because the verification method will vary by Community, but the result (Action) will be the same.