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Government Verification

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How we verify

Government Employees are verified using a combination of digital data, including public and private resources, documents, and e-mail verification.

By Document

  • Official ID
  • Pay stub
  • Government Purchasing Card

By E-Mail

There are 113 e-mail domains or domain groups associated with this Community. For example, an Applicant may verify using

Returning Applicants

Government Employees who have previously verified are not required to re-verify their status.


Government verification is available to all businesses using VerifyPass.


Businesses verifying Government Employees often verify others from the Discounts communities.

What happens after verification?

VerifyPass provides tools to accommodate a variety of use-cases.

Release a Discount

Choose from a Single Code or Unique Codes, uploaded directly to your verification Widget.

Tag an Account

Unlock benefits by tagging Applicant accounts after verification, taking full control of their experience.


Sync your verification via a Webhook, and we'll show a custom message to the Applicant. You take it from there.

In an era where digital identity has become synonymous with security and trust, the need for stringent verification processes cannot be overstated. Among these, the verification of government employees stands out as a critical necessity, given the sensitive nature of the information they access and the positions they hold. VerifyPass emerges as a frontrunner in this domain, offering a robust verification service that caters uniquely to Federal and Local government employees. This service, which seamlessly integrates with businesses' websites, is not just about confirming an identity—it's about opening up a realm of possibilities and opportunities for both the public sector and various industries.

But why is government employee verification so crucial, and more importantly, what are the specific scenarios and use-cases where such a service proves indispensable? The answers lie in understanding the multifaceted benefits of this verification process, which extend from enhancing security protocols to fostering trust, and enabling exclusive offers or services.

Enhancing Security & Trust
At the foundation of any interaction between government employees and private sector services lies the need for airtight security and an unwavering trust. VerifyPass offers a solution that mitigates the risk of impersonation and fraud, ensuring that only verified government employees gain access to restricted information, systems, or facilities. Industries like defense contractors, where access to classified information is restricted, find particular value in such verification services, ensuring that their collaborations are secure and compliant with federal regulations.

Exclusive Offers & Services
Another significant application of government employee verification is in the realm of exclusive offers and services. From retail to travel and hospitality, businesses can tailor special discounts or packages for government employees, acknowledging their service and fostering loyalty. However, without a reliable verification system like VerifyPass, offering these exclusive deals can be fraught with challenges, risking potential abuse and dilution of the intended gesture of goodwill.

Streamlining Processes
Government employee verification also streamlines various administrative processes, making them more efficient and less prone to errors. For instance, in the financial sector, banks can use VerifyPass to expedite the process of approving loans or other services for government employees by quickly confirming their employment status. Similarly, in healthcare, quick verification can simplify eligibility checks for certain government benefits or programs, ensuring that services are delivered timely and to the rightful recipients.

Enhancement of Public Services
The integration of VerifyPass’s verification service can also enhance the delivery of public services by enabling more efficient collaboration between different government departments and the private sector. For instance, in disaster response and management, verifying the identity of government employees can expedite the coordination efforts between federal, state, and local agencies, as well as with private entities such as construction firms, healthcare providers, and NGOs.

Technology and Cybersecurity
In the field of technology and cybersecurity, where the landscape is constantly evolving, the ability to verify the identity of government employees who access critical systems and data is paramount. VerifyPass serves as a pivotal tool for technology firms and cybersecurity entities, facilitating secure access to sensitive projects and information, thereby fortifying the defenses against cyber threats and ensuring national security.

VerifyPass's verification service is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it is a versatile tool that can be customized and integrated across a wide range of industries and scenarios, demonstrating its vast applicability. From enhancing security measures and streamlining processes to offering exclusive services and improving the delivery of public services, the benefits of a reliable government employee verification system are manifold. Moreover, as industries continue to evolve and the digital landscape expands, the importance of such verification services will only grow, underscoring the need for solutions that are not only robust and reliable but also adaptable and user-friendly.