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Why do companies offer a first responder Discount?

Offering a discount to First Responders is an excellent company to a Military Discount. In most cases, businesses want to offer both. There are around 2 million people eligible in the U.S. (not including immediate family), so if you’re unsure about your demographic – try offering a Military Discount first.

Demographics like fitness, outdoor or health supplements will find enormous success through offering both a Military & First Responder Discount. It would be unusual, though not unheard of—to offer a First Responder Discount without also offering a Military Discount. However, they're two entirely different verification processes, therefore they're separated into two groups.


First Responders are, by definition: the First people to Respond to an emergency. VerifyPass accepts 100% of Police, Fire, EMT/EMS, and Nurses.

Segment Description Eligible
Law Enforcement Includes local Police, Sheriff/Deputies and Federal LE. Current & retired accepted. Yes
Firefighter Includes all sections of local & wilderness response. Current & retired accepted. Yes
Emergency Medical Technician/Service Includes all medical emergency responders and emergency staff with credentials. Yes
Nurses Includes all professional nursing staff with credentials. Yes
Public Service Includes all government/service employees with a valid .gov e-mail address. Yes
All others Those who do not meet above criteria. No

  Total Eligibility: 12 Million (19 million with immediate family)

77% Verified Without Document

Sign In
49% verified

By E-Mail
28% verified

23% verified

Discount Code

  49% verified at Sign In

VerifyPass helps many hundreds of online businesses offer exclusive discounts. If your First Responder customer has previously verified with another business partner, they won't need to re-verify. They'll simply sign in (most choose Facebook or Google to sign in) and their Discount Code will appear.

In case they haven't yet been verified with VerifyPass, they'll proceed to an fast, 1-time verification process.

  28% verified with .gov e-mail

Not all First Responders are issued e-mail addresses ending in .gov. However, many are - so it's an easy way to save them a couple minutes and expedite their verification.

  23% verified with Document

Using the earlier methods, most verifications by VerifyPass are instant. In some cases, instant verification method isn't possible. When this happens, VerifyPass allows a variety of uniquely-identifying documents to be uploaded which serve as sufficient proof. Document uploads are easy - most people simply snap a picture with their phone.

These documents include:

  • Official ID Card
  • Official Badge
  • Pay stub
  • Promotion/Award Certificate

When a document has been uploaded, we'll send them an e-mail receipt to acknowledge delivery. Inspection often occurs within minutes, though we give a longer time estimate to allow for high volume periods. Upon inspection, we'll send them a confirmation of their approval, and instruct them to re-visit the popup in order to retrieve their discount. Verified customers will not need to re-verify their status after approval.

What happens if VerifyPass declines the document?

1. The first and most popular rejected document is the "cat picture". (In other words, it's a random picture that person happened to have on their device.) In this case, VerifyPass will reply with a generic declined e-mail reminding them of acceptable documents, and allow them to try again.

2. The second kind is a genuine misunderstanding - a blurry photo or a password-protected PDF document. In this case, VerifyPass replies with a handwritten message to the applicant to help them get verified.

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