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Option #1: Public Page

Every Seller receives a Public Page to host their discounts.

If you don't want to edit your website's HTML, this is a fast way to get started. Share the link on your website, e-mail or social media. Your public page contains no distractions—we verify your customer and send them back with a Discount Code.

On your page, customers verify with a button

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Option #2: Opens within your website

Required Script

<script src="https://cdn.verifypass.com/seller/launcher.js"></script>

Some platforms add this script automatically. Refer to the instructions inside your app or plugin.

Button Copy a button to match your theme

<button class="vfyps_edu">Student Discount</button>

Banner Use a provided banner or create your own

<img class="vfyps_edu" src="https://cdn.verifypass.com/seller/edu/girl3.png"/>

Text Link

We're excited to offer a 10% Student Discount!

We're excited to offer a <a class="vfyps_edu">10% Student Discount</a>!


For Sellers who aren't using Discount Codes, modify what happens before and after verification with the JS-SDK.

Learn More About Student Verification

How we verify them, who's eligible, and why businesses offer this kind of exclusive discount.

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