Get Started

Not all platforms require a Business Account.

Creating a Business Account is free. Explore options before enrolling in a Verification Service.
Option #1: Single Code

Create a single Discount Code in your e-commerce platform. Nearly all e-commerce platforms support "Coupon Codes", or "Discount Codes" which is only a difference in wording. Using a single code is the least secure, since the code could be shared to coupon websites. This option can work for small businesses and Businesses willing to update their code regularly.

Option #2: Multiple Codes

Upload up to 100,000 Discount Codes in your Business Account. We'll release them one-by-one and alert you when you're running low. Usually you'll want to set the codes to be single-use, so they can't be shared. We'll also throttle the rate at which a customer can receive a new code.

Option #3: Fetch

Advanced Businesses can programmatically create an endpoint for VerifyPass to fetch Discount Codes.

Option #1: Inside your website

Copy & paste a code snippet from your Business Account. Verification will open within your website and provide a Discount Code.

Option #2: Landing Page

Every business who joins VerifyPass receives a public Landing Page. Simply copy & paste this link to wherever you want to promote the discount: your website, social media, or by e-mail.

Landing Pages are distraction-free. We'll verify your customer and send them back with a Discount Code.

Platform Apps, Plugins & Extensions

Adding to your Website

HTML installation is easy. Use a banner, button or text link to trigger verification from your website.