Offering an Exclusive Discount on Shopify

Want to install a verified Military Discount offer on your Shopify store? VerifyPass makes it easy.

How does it work?

VerifyPass is the simplest, most powerful verification engine for online retailers who wish to offer exclusive discounts to Military, First Responders, Students & Teachers.

VerifyPass contains a suite of simple tools for simplifying the installation of our verification service to your Shopify store. Check out the installation steps.

1. Add App

Military Discount

2. Discount Settings

Installation of our apps grants access for VerifyPass to generate a unique, single-use Discount Code upon each positive verification. Afterwards, a single customer won't be able to retrieve a new code for 24 hours. You can also defer to our standard Discount Code options.

Within the app, you can modify whether the discount should be percentage or fixed price, along with whether there should be any exclusions based on Collection. If you must exclude Collections, be sure to mention it in your Display Message.

3. Install to Storefront

Option #1: Internal Landing Page (Easy)

Create a Landing Page from within your website. Detailed instructions available within the app.

Option #2: External Public Page (Easy)

Copy & paste your VerifyPass Public Page URL to anywhere on your website, like the header or footer. More detailed instructions are available within the app.

Option #3: Custom (Requires HTML)

Add a banner or button to your Cart part, among other options. Requires an HTML developer. Detailed instructions available within the app.