Offering an Exclusive Discount on WooCommerce

Want to install a verified Military Discount offer on your WooCommerce store? VerifyPass makes it easy.

How does it work?

VerifyPass is the simplest, most powerful verification engine for online retailers who wish to offer exclusive discounts to Military, First Responders, Students & Teachers.

VerifyPass contains a suite of simple tools for simplifying the installation of our verification service to your WooCommerce store. Check out the installation steps.

1. Install the Plugin

A. Download the plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/id-services/

B. Install the plugin to your Wordpress website.

2. Select a Discount Code(s) Source

Option 1. Create a single coupon code, and copy it to your Business Account.

Option 2. Use a tool like Smart Coupons to generate a batch of discount codes.

3. Connect your Business Account

A. Retrieve your public keys from: https://verifypass.com/verification/account/advanced

B. Paste your public keys into the corresponding boxes within your VerifyPass plugin.