Offering an Exclusive Discount on BigCommerce

Want to install a verified Military Discount offer on your BigCommerce store? VerifyPass makes it easy.

How does it work?

VerifyPass is the simplest, most powerful verification engine for online retailers who wish to offer exclusive discounts to Military, First Responders, Students & Teachers.

VerifyPass contains a suite of simple tools for simplifying the installation of our verification service to your BigCommerce store. Check out the installation steps.

  App defaults with creating a 10% Discount on all orders.

1. Add the App

Add the app to your store from the BigCommerce app market. You can find our app BigCommerce Military Discount on the BigCommerce App Market and install by clicking the “Get It Now” button. Inside your store, you’ll open a window to our Portal where you can take full control over your Military Discount.

By installing the app, VerifyPass will be able to generate unique, single-use Discount Codes to your store.

2. Complete the Installation

Option #1: Easy

Copy your Landing Page URL to anywhere on your website, like the header or footer. Customers will visit this page and return with a Discount Code to your store.

Option #2: Requires Theme Modification (Works with Stencil)

BigCommerce makes it easy to add HTML to your store. Rather than post the full, comprehensive installation guide on our website, we keep the guide located inside the app to it’s always available. Upon installing the app, the step-by-step guide is the first page you’ll see.

When it comes time to add a piece of HTML (like a banner or button), you’ll usually want to open a new BigCommerce window so you can return to the guide anytime you want.

In the BigCommerce app, there’s a blue button in the top-right part of the part which will return you to the BigCommerce Setup Guide anytime you need. The guide contains comprehensive instructions for anything you need to do – like modifying your discount offering, or help finding the right location to drop your HTML. And of course, if at any point you or your developer has questions – just let us know by e-mail at